Our ambition at the MVCA is to support as many Veteran’s and their families as we can. Finding appropriate professional mentors and paying for their time and materials isn’t cheap and requires constant funding. Whilst at the moment, we are not yet charity and we are in our infancy as a CIC we do rely on the support of others.

What are best ways that you can help to support the MVCA?

Firstly, you could purchase something from our shop!! We have fixed prices for all our tracks,  albums and products but, if you feel like donating more, we’d be internally grateful.


You can also choose to sponsor a Veteran throughout their six-week creative programme. This way you’ll actively see what a difference you have made to their life, confidence and outlook. The chance to partake in a creative craft, such as song writing can often be a catalyst to help ease the gravity of a veterans suffering.

In return, you will receive an invite to one of our creative retreats or workshops, along with mention and feature on our website and an MVCA sponsorship certificate. If you’ve sponsored a musical project, you’ll also get a signed copy of the track.


If you also know of anyone who could benefit from the support of the MVCA, please contact us. Our “Contact Us” form covers every aspect from how a veteran can make a support request to how you might be interested in sponsoring a veteran on a programme.


Finally; spread the word!!! With so many of our veterans suffering in silence it now more important than ever to help the community. Creative arts can help enormously and whilst we can never rid the pain and trauma that many have to endure every day to, we can certainly find special moments of guidance and support amongst our growing community of Veterans and creative professionals