Creative Arts can sometimes be hard to catagorise! These days so many artists use a multidisciplinary approaches, combining various mediums, skills and techniques. At MVCA we want to encourage all veterans to explore whatever creative path that they feel most comfortable in whilst not restricting the projects to one skillset.

The following categories, descriptors and examples are meant to be fairly broad and if you like the idea of combining creative arts to produce something or work on a particular project, please let us know!

All our projects are led by our team of dedicated mentors,all experienced in their respectful fields and disciplines.You can meet them and learn about what they do HERE.


Music is at the heart of how the MVCA was formed and most projects have included some aspect of sound or music. Many of our veterans dabble a little with guitar or enjoy singing. It therefore makes perfect sense to explore the art of songwriting. Our founder Suzie Stanford found this to be her own pathway into the creative arts and as a result, has now become a somewhat prolific songwriter. Her song ‘Stay Strong’ allowed a culmination of veterans to travel to Salford, sing their hearts out and feature on the rather marvellous first official MVCA single. It’s available to download in our shop. MVCA has also already worked with notable veterans including Phil Campion, Simon Bean and Steve Taylor again details can be found by clicking left.

So, if you’re a veteran that has always wanted to try writing a song/ singing or even playing an instrument, please to contact us. Be sure to take a look and listen to see some examples of what the MVCA has already been achieving.

Photography is easier than ever with the amazing quality of what you can achieve from your mobile device! DLSR cameras are also incredible for making films and many available for very little money. YouTube has seen the proliferation of blogging and being trained to use all the equipment is essential if you’re serious about getting a professional result. Editing software such as photoshop, imovie, adobe premiere or final cut pro can take your pictures and films to another level. At the MVCA we’re keen to see veterans explore these new medias and incorporate such skills in their portfolio. Being able to add video to music or any other art is almost taken for granted and it’s an exciting world to explore. An example of such media production can be found clicking left.

Whilst you’re there, be sure to subscribe to the official MVCA YouTube channel; that way you’ll never miss out on any of our new content!

Expressing yourself through drawing and painting is one of the oldest forms of creative escape. Whether sketching real world landscapes, drifting off for some solitude on a classic English summer day, or expressing yourself through an abstract colour blaze of fury!  Many, also find working with clay or making sculptures out of everyday items just as rewarding. You can discover the art that’s right for you. Exploring any aspect of art and craft allows us all to connect with the pure physical creativity of making something rewarding. This in turn, can be incredibly insightful.

A big thank you to veteran Russell Wright, painter and author who served for sixteen years. The in house artist at ‘Aspect Pictures’, has kindly allowed us to feature some of his breath-taking work. Russell has also written ‘Recovery’, an uplifting book aimed at the families of servicemen and veterans who have to suffer with anxiety and PTSD. An insightful read of hope and the slow climb to recovery. Once again, please click left to see some stunning featured work.

Some of our veterans have the amazing ability to paint pictures with words.

The standard of poems, short stories and creative writing that we’ve started to see is incredibly uplifting and, the variety of themes and narratives remarkable.

For many, the written word is the first place to discover a pathway into creative arts, this often leads to other areas such as songwriting and film making. Poems and songs have always been closely linked, and the power of imagery that words provide is absolutely essential for a memorable song. Everyone has stories to tell and some of the life changing experiences that many veterans have both faced and endured are, incredible poignant in this regard.

Forming words and poetry to express feelings and emotions should never be underestimated. For example; the meter of a poem and how it might be delivered. How many of us have explored the works of the famous war poets such as Owen, Auden or Sassoon? The themes and journeys mean as much to us all today as when they were first written.

That’s why the MVCA understand the power the written words and why we are very keen to explore and support those veterans who wish to explore the art further.

Please click left for more information and featured veterans.