On this page, we will post examples of MVCA music related projects. We’ve already  worked with a few veterans so please enjoy the results of all their hard work. Once again, we’ll be updating this page regularly, so be sure to bookmark the page and subscribe to our mail list.


MVCA are very proud with our first official single release. This song was a huge collaboration that started off with veterans sending words and phrases to be considered for composition. These simple phrases somehow managed to get weaved into a catchy and uplifting song that was to become the first official MVCA single. An invitation was then sent for veterans to travel all the way to Salford to record the track. Our first cohort arrived, and the challenge was on. Suzie took them through their paces and managed to get everyone singing along with the backing. The main vocal was provided by seasoned artist Sam Fearon who already had received acclaim for his successful single “Brothers in Arms”, a track that he’d recorded and dedicated with any profits going to Help for Heroes.

The weekend must have felt very intimidating for all of our veterans, some whom had never sung before, let alone recording in a professional studio. We think they did a marvellous job and the spirit and comradery that was discovered made it such a memorable event. When all the tracks were recorded, edited and mixed the single was ready for release, a very exciting day for everyone involved.

You can now witness the results for yourself as we give you the chance to listen for the first time. The single is also available to download for iTunes and all proceeds go straight to MVCA to help fund more projects.

STANDING AS ONE - Phil Campion

This track was a first for a celebrity veteran that you may well have heard of!

An ex- special forces man, “Big Phil Campion”, is an author and tv personality with regular appearances on Sky News. Recently, he has also become a bit of a dedicated boxer and guest speaker; you could say that there’s no end to this man’s talents! His books Born Fearless, Killing Rage and Desert Fire have become well known and very successful. If you haven’t managed to read a copy treat yourself, they are all excellent reads.

Phil is also an ambassador for army cadets and works tirelessly to help motivate young people.Phil had always wanted to write, sing and produce a track and in the Summer of 2019 MVCA had the privilege helping to make this a reality. The track “Standing As One”, was completed in just two days in a quiet studio based in Devon. MVCA had the pleasure of welcoming Phil and his partner Wendy and we set to work. This was the first time that Phil had sung, and he was somewhat nervous about it! We think that he did a tremendous job. He was certainly overwhelmed when he heard how good he sounded. Take a look at the video below. The track is still available on itunes. At the time we recorded the track, Phil kindly sat and spoke with us about some of his experiences. The interview is a poignant reminder of why MVCA do what we do.

Once again, a big thank you to Big Phil and Wendy.


Some of you may have also heard of Simon Bean MBE. He is often seen at many special veteran events and gatherings all over the country!

Simon, aka ‘The Maverick Veteran’ is a retired Warrant Officer, British Army (RCT/RLC) of 22+ years’ service. He describes himself as a ‘lone wolf involved in the fight against terrorism and EU Military Unification.’ He is also very passionate about helping ‘NI Veterans, Homeless Veterans, Veterans suffering from PTSD and any other issues the good people of the UK should be aware of in this ever-changing world’.

The song millions march was devised to highlight certain political responses to those veterans who had served in Northern Island and is very pertinent to many. Simon’s words sum up his experiences and feelings most eloquently. It’s obviously extremely important that the MVCA stay away from political viewpoints etc. and our only aim is to support and many veterans as we can. The themes in this track, however, are familiar to us all and have a direct link to many veterans’ experiences and it also highlights the fight for freedom that none of us can deny.

This song was another first for Simon and a peaceful couple of days in the wilds of Devon allowed the space to work on the track and produce something that Simon can certainly be proud of. We hope you enjoy it too.


Steve Taylor was born on the 6th August 1961 in Leigh on Sea in Essex, after his family moved from the east end of Canvey Island. He came from a strong military background and joined the Army as a junior soldier of The Parachute Regiment in September of 1977.  He later joined the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment in 1979. He moved to Northern Island for a twenty-month residential tour before fulfilling a further seven tours. He was involved in the Falklands war, taking part in the battle for Goose Green and Wireless ridge. He has also seen extensive overseas service including time in Belize, Kenya, Oman, Canada, USA, Oman, France, Denmark and Germany. After leaving the army, Steve has worked in a variety of security jobs and also as a semi professional photographer.

In recent years, Steve has found a passion for writing and the power of words, especially in terms of songs and songwriting and has simply loads of ideas and songs already penned. The natural progression of course was to start recoding and producing his material. That’s where the MVCA stepped in!

Teaming up with Suzie Stanford, Steve had a wonderful idea for a song; ‘Chasing the Wave’ had been born. Both worked hard to put words and music together and the track started to develop. Fortunately, Suzie knew just the person to sing. Kayleigh has a gentle a sweet voice that suits the track down to a tee. We hope you enjoy it and we very much look forward in working with Steve in his future projects

TROUBLED MINDS - Suzie Stanford

Suzie’s story is at the heart of the MVCA, after all she’s the person who’s started it all off! For those of you unaware of her personal journey or, similarly, just wish to be inspired, we recommend giving her page a read. It that can be found here.

The original track was written back in 2014 and recorded just a month after Suzie’s dad had passed away. This leads to make the song even more emotional. The actual production took place in a small caravan in Hastings, a stone’s throw from Suzie’s hometown of Eastbourne. Who knew that this track would mean much? It was also the first video that was made for one of her songs.

We chose this song for you all to watch and listen to, because of its pivotal role in what later has developed into the MVCA. It was one of the first songs that Suzie wrote and produced. We also that this song also sums everything up so well.


“Troubled Minds” is unfortunately what most veterans experience at some point in their lives. We believe that any respective journeys into that creative arts can help to express such matters and should never be undervalued. It is our aim to engage as many veterans as we can.

We all strongly believe that anyone can have a go and find direction using music and the arts.